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We offer pro-bono consulting services to our partner organisations to support them with innovation – doing things better. The same things, or new things. Or things you haven’t even thought of yet.

We can match your needs with one of our Cool Kids -  consultants who have day jobs but, like you, want to donate some of their time and energy to helping others.

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Do you have a customer, member or community base you serve but need more information on?

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Does your committee or Board get bogged down in defining your purpose, or debating what your priorities are?

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Do you know which initiatives or projects that are going to be of most benefit?

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Plan creation

Do you struggle to turn ideas into action. Does a great initiative get lost in who’s doing what and when?

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What our partners say

Margarete Ehrhardt - on behalf of Russell Balmer
Matt Thomas - on behalf of Houghton, Inglewood and Hermitage Memorial Park

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